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Gold Tester GXL-24 Pro



The Gold Tester Gxl-24 Pro Electronic is the Most Advanced, Most Reliable Electronic Gold Tester In The World - This Is the Best That The Market Has to Offer!









6.860 kr

   122 kr

1.745 kr

8.727 kr




This tester has a 6K to 24K range, and it utilizes state-of-the art electronic gold testing technology from Tri-Electronics.

The tester was made with a technological breakthrough that allows for the measurement of low to high karat gold products, assuring the buyer of gold content in the most critical gold alloys.

Its microprocessor-based technology allows the user safely and non-destructively determine gold content of alloys up to 24 karat in all four gold colors. Karat readings appear directly on LCD display.

The built in microprocessor makes testing simple when you follow the directions. Simply squeeze the special gel from the probe, select the color of gold you are testing, and obtain the reading in karats and percentage.

Also reads "Platinum" and "Not Gold."
Detects platinum and gold plating.
Packaged in durable hard plastic case.
Comes with instructional video.
Measures 12" x 10" x 3" (305 x 254 x 76 mm).
UL listed.
Three year warranty.
Also operates using two 9-volt batteries (not included).


For more information please read the online: Owner's Manual

and the: Special Gold Testing Instructions